Cake Decorating Tutorials  (How To's) Tortas Paso a Paso
Cake Decorating Tutorials (How To's) Tortas Paso a Paso
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По умолчанию SLEEPY MOUSE figurine tutorial
Огромная благодарность Автору DIANA ALUAS за Мастер-класс

You will need:

  • Saracino model paste (white, yellow, green, blue, orange, fuchsia, pink)
  • Saracino piping gel
  • Purple gel colouring
  • Ball tool
  • Brush tool with silicone tip
  • PME modelling tool
  • Knife
  • Cutter pliers
  • Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Toothpicks
  • Wood skewers
  • 28 gauge flower wire

Название: 1.jpg
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Размер: 106.4 Кб
Step 1

You will need 19g of paste for the body and legs.

Название: 2.jpg
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Размер: 101.6 Кб
Step 2

Shape the ball into an elongated tear drop.

Название: 3.jpg
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Размер: 120.9 Кб
Step 3

On the wider end of the tear drop mark it down the middle. Now using your fingers stretch out to form the two legs. The legs will need to be wider at the top than at the ankle.

Название: 4.jpg
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Размер: 127.2 Кб
Step 4

The total height should be 6cm (4cm body and 2cm legs)

Название: 5.jpg
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Размер: 132.2 Кб
Step 5

The tummy should measure 2.3cm across.

Название: 6.jpg
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Размер: 114.0 Кб
Step 6

Using your orange paste form two balls with a diameter of 0.7mm. Use finger pressure to press them down in the centre to form the slipper shape.

Название: 7.jpg
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Размер: 102.8 Кб
Step 7

Using a small ball tool or the end of a paintbrush make an indent in each slipper for the legs. Now prepare other smaller balls for the teddy bears ears (orange), snout (white), nose and eyes (black)

Название: 8.jpg
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Размер: 102.4 Кб
Step 8

Glue all the elements to the slippers. The ears should be formed and shaped using your small ball tool.

Название: 9.jpg
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Размер: 117.1 Кб
Step 9

Dip two toothpicks into your piping gel. Insert a pick into each leg. The piping gel will act as a glue.

Название: 10.jpg
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Размер: 122.5 Кб
Step 10

Paint a small amount of water around the ankle of each leg. Push the slippers onto each leg.

Название: 11.jpg
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Размер: 171.8 Кб
Step 11

Place the mouse on the dummy.

Название: 12.jpg
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Размер: 95.8 Кб
Step 12

Using 9g of white paste roll a smooth ball to form the mouse’s head.

Название: 13.jpg
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Размер: 94.5 Кб
Step 13

Using finger pressure form a dent centrally to the head so it elongates the white ball slightly.

Название: 14.jpg
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Размер: 118.2 Кб
Step 14

Using a toothpick start to form the facial features.

Название: 15.jpg
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Размер: 110.4 Кб
Step 15

Using your Dresden tool use light pressure to form the snout of the mouse. The excess paste will be pushed outwards to form the chubby cheeks.

Название: 16.jpg
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Размер: 140.3 Кб
Step 16

Using your silicone modelling tool form a groove down the centre of the snout.

Название: 17.jpg
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Размер: 99.9 Кб
Step 17

Using the curved end of the Dresden tool form the indents for the eyes. The eyes should be positioned at the side of the head.

Название: 18.jpg
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Размер: 130.7 Кб
Step 18

Using the same modelling tool form the mouth by gently pressing it in below the snout and pushing downwards towards the chin.

Название: 19.jpg
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Размер: 147.3 Кб
Step 19

Now measure a length of wooden skewer. It should be long enough to push into the centre of the body and be able to take the depth of the head. Paint the skewer with piping gel and press into the body. Fix the head onto the neck.

Название: 20.jpg
Просмотров: 3

Размер: 126.5 Кб
Step 20

Using your small ball tool make the sockets for the eyes. The sockets should be symmetrical and the same size.

Название: 21.jpg
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Размер: 126.3 Кб
Step 21

Using a modelling tool shape the eyes.

Название: 22.jpg
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Размер: 133.2 Кб
Step 22

Form two small black balls and insert into each eye socket.

Название: 23.jpg
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Размер: 114.4 Кб
Step 23

Insert a small black ball of paste into the mouth and flatten.

Название: 24.jpg
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Размер: 124.7 Кб
Step 24

Roll a small piece of white paste thinly. Cover the left eye so about a quarter of the eye is visible. Fix the eyelid with a little water.

Название: 25.jpg
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Размер: 112.9 Кб
Step 25

Roll two very thin lines of black paste and fix over the eyes for eyelashes. Then roll two small balls of the pink paste. Use one for the nose and flatten the other to form the tongue. Press a line down the centre of the tongue.

Название: 26.jpg
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Размер: 89.7 Кб
Step 26

For the nightdress we roll the yellow paste very thinly into a rectangle shape. The width is to be the height of the mouse. The length will need to be longer than needed as we will be folding it to form ruffles in the gown.

Название: 27.jpg
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Размер: 100.3 Кб
Step 27

Pinch the top of the rectangle together with finger pressure to form the pleats. Then roll / flatten the bunched up paste. Trim to provide a nice neat edge around the mouse’s neck.

Название: 28.jpg
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Размер: 146.2 Кб
Step 28

Fix the nightgown using a little water. Using the sharp end of the Dresden tool give the mouse’s head texture.

Название: 29.jpg
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Размер: 150.3 Кб
Step 29

Using a little of the orange and blue paste roll out two small squares (or cut out using a square plunger cutter). Glue the pockets to the dress with the effect that they are hanging open.

Название: 30.jpg
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Размер: 158.9 Кб
Step 30

Using the light green paste roll out a thin ribbon shape. Ruffle up and fix around the neck / top of the gown to form the collar. Roll out some more green very thinly and fix to the front of the gown to form the tie laces.

Название: 31.jpg
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Размер: 150.8 Кб
Step 31

Using 2.5g of the white paste roll out two sausage shapes for the arms. One end is to be rolled thinner ready to form the little paws.

Название: 32.jpg
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Размер: 113.0 Кб
Step 32

Now using your fingers press down the thinner end to form a palm of the paws. Roll the wrist slightly thinner.

Название: 33.jpg
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Размер: 115.8 Кб
Step 33

The arms and paws should look like this.

Название: 34.jpg
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Размер: 89.5 Кб
Step 34

Cut a thumb using a sharp knife or scissors. Remove the excess paste from between the thumb and index finger.

Название: 35.jpg
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Размер: 113.9 Кб
Step 35

Using the sharp end of your Dresden tool form the three fingers on each paw. One paw is to be slightly bent and the other formed into a fist.

Название: 36.jpg
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Размер: 112.6 Кб
Step 36

Thinly roll some more of the yellow paste. Cut out two rectangles and fix to each arm. Use a little water if required. Remove any excess yellow using a knife or scissors and smooth out any joints. Bend each arm to the required shape.

Название: 37.jpg
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Размер: 150.5 Кб
Step 37

Fix the arms to the mouses body and model to the required shape. The fist hand is to be rubbing her face.

Название: 38.jpg
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Размер: 100.7 Кб
Step 38

For the tail cover the 28 gauge flower wire with white paste. Make this as thin as possible but one end will need to be slightly wider where it meets the body and the other end to a point for the tip of the tail.

Название: 39.jpg
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Размер: 90.6 Кб
Step 39

Bend to give the shape you would like.

Название: 40.jpg
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Размер: 159.6 Кб
Step 40

Using your thin pliers push the wire into the mouses backside. Use a little piping gel on the wire before inserting.

Название: 41.jpg
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Размер: 122.7 Кб
Step 41

For the ears you will need 0.75g of white paste. Roll out into two balls and curve with a ball tool. Then roll out two smaller balls of pink paste and fix inside each ear. Pinch one end of each ear to give it a slightly pointed end where it is attached to the head.

Название: 42.jpg
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Размер: 153.0 Кб
Step 42

Fix the ears to the head using a little water. The ears are to be symmetrical.

Название: 43.jpg
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Размер: 120.7 Кб
Step 43

For the night cap roll out a piece of purple paste. This does not have to be too thin.

Название: 44.jpg
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Размер: 104.8 Кб
Step 44

Using the rolled out paste form it into a ‘witches’ hat shape by wrapping around your finger. Position on the head to see if it is the required size and shape.

Название: 45.jpg
Просмотров: 0

Размер: 158.0 Кб
Step 45

Fix the hat to the head using a little water. Using fuchsia paste roll a small ball for the pompom. Give the ball texture using the end of a piping nozzle or sharp ended tool. Fix to the end of the hat.
Your sleepy mouse is now ready to go on your cake.
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