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Modeling chocolate is perfect for covering cakes, cupcakes, cookies or making decorative flowers or all kinds of toppers for your cakes and cupcakes. It’s the perfect alternative if you don’t want to use fondant and it tastes so much better as well!
  • 340 g (12 oz) candy melts in any colour or flavour you like – I used cocoa, white and red candy melts
  • 1/4 cup (2.4 oz) light corn syrup
  • Paste food colouring (optional)
  • You can also use regular semisweet or white chocolate instead of candy melts but add 1/3 cups corn syrup for 200 g (7 oz) semisweet chocolate or ¼ cup (2.4 oz) corn syrup for 200 g (7 oz) white chocolate.
    Microwave the candy melts for 30 seconds. Stir thoroughly and continue to microwave for another 30 seconds. Repeat this process until smooth and completely melted.
    Allow the melted candy to cool a bit. If you add the corn syrup when the melted chocolate is too hot, the cocoa butter or oil will start rising to the surface.
    Add corn syrup and stir to blend.
  • Initially the mixture will be thin but it will start to thicken very quickly. Once it starts to thicken it might not look as smooth and homogeneous (especially the white and red chocolate).
  • Knead it out a little bit and it will start to come together. The texture will be smoother and the kneading will also help work out some of the excess cocoa butter from the chocolate.
  • Cover the modeling chocolate in plastic wrap and store it at room temperature until needed. It’s better if you let it sit overnight to firm up.
  • If you use white candy melts you can colour the modeling chocolate using paste food colouring. Make sure you use paste and not the liquid colours as the latter will make your modeling chocolate sticky and not as easy to work with.
    The modeling chocolate will be very hard the next day so start kneading a small portion at a time until it gets softer and pliable. Then start shaping your decorations or roll it out on a surface dusted with cornstarch or powdered sugar to cover your cakes or cupcakes.
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